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Each year we are flooded with new information on how to stave off the aging process. People spend millions of dollars on lotions, serums, diets, supplements, medications, and even surgery to stay looking and feeling younger. For most of us, it isn't the wrinkles that cause the most anxiety over the aging process, instead, it is the idea of not being healthy enough to enjoy an active and happy life. 

The quality of the later years in life will largely be determined by the choices we make while we are younger, but it is never too late to make changes that can improve health and well being. In order to understand what we need to do, we must first learn the why. Basically, there is a distinction between two types of aging, chronological and biological. These are often used interchangeably, but are drastically different. Biological aging is a term used for the typical "signs" of aging such as muscle and or joint pains, increased blood pressure and fatigue. Many of these, and other issues, are due to cumulative stress and trauma, not just the passage of time. If we look at people with different lifestyles that are the same chronological age, we can see that not all conditions are actually age related. 

The human body is an amazing collection of synergistic systems controlled by what can only be described as innate intelligence. The body is perfectly designed to be self-functioning and self-healing. Think about this, healing is a constant process of replacing old cells with new cells. Your body is constantly analyzing what is happening within the body and what is happening in the environment outside, and continuously makes adaptive changes as necessary. So, aging can best be described as the gradual loss of the body's ability to respond to the environment and not just about the effects of chronological age.

The question to answer is how do you keep the body in proper working order so that it can do the job it was created to do? Most of us know the common sense answers about healthy lifestyle choices, but proper neurological signaling in the body is the primary key to psychological, emotional immune and hormonal health and longevity. How do you know if you have proper neurological signaling? This is what chiropractic medicine is all about. Having regular chiropractic check ups can insure that your spine is in good alignment, allowing your nervous system to do its job. What we have also learned from those who are fortunate enough to live a long life, is that positive attitude also plays a role in helping to achieve happiness and health.