​Dr. Christopher W. Baldt
Chiropractic Physician
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Long Neck, DE 
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Animal Chiropractic

Animal Chiropractic has its history dating back to around 1899.  Dr. Palmer, the founder of the Chiropractic profession developed and taught Chiropractors the art and science of animal chiropractic.  

Animal Chiropractic is not a substitute for Veterinary care.  We will work with your Veterinarian to take great care of your animal.  

​Dr. Baldt schedules dogs by appointment at his Long Neck office in Long Neck. Initial dog chiropractic examination and treatment is $50.00 and follow-ups are $40.00 per visit. 

Dr. Baldt's wife Jan is trained in animal acupressure and Pain Point Release Therapy and works with Dr. Baldt with the treatment of horses. 

Please call 302-858-1275 or the office at 302-945-4575 to schedule a specific appointment time.

Equine Chiropractic 
Equine athletes utilized Chiropractic to enhance performance and promote health. Each you the number of horse owners seeking Chiropractic care has increased because of its' effectiveness in quickly identifying and correcting simple muscle or skeletal issues.  
When would your horse may need a chiropractic examination and treatment:
                                              * pain indicators including spinal tenderness along spine                                                                                                       behavioral changes
                                              * abnormal posture and/or gait
                                              * reduced performance and activity
                                              * horse ear-pinning or biting with cinching or under saddle                                                                                                    * bucking
                                              * head tossing 
                                              * difficulty performing lateral work or collection
                                              * cross cantering
                                              * difficulty turning or working in one direction
                                              * sensitivity to touch or grooming

Equine Pain Point Therapy 
Specific manual therapy that releases tight muscles and pain points giving your horse immediate pain relief. 

Equine Acupressure 
Acupressure is a natural health care delivery system that is thousands of years old but is a safe a natural method of health maintenance.   Applying pressure to "Qi or Chi" (energy) points along a horse's meridians that facilitate the metabolic systems of a horse helping to create balance which allows the body to restore and repair.   

Equine Massage and Myofacial Therapy

All barn calls are by appointment.  Equine chiropractic fee is $95.00 and that includes the barn call, Chiropractic examination and full Chiropractic treatment of 1 horse and owner.  Additional chiropractic care for additional humans at the barn will be billed at $40.00/per person.

Pictures of some of our favorite patients
Dr. Baldt being interview for the TV show Post Time with Heather Vitale
Maggie was paralyzed after a fall and was successfully treated with Veterinary and Chiropractic care
Jackson receives regular Chiropractic care